85 Honda Prelude With Oil Light On

I recently bought an 1985 Prelude to fix and sell. The timing belt was broken when I got it, so I wasn’t able to see the car run before I bought it. The oil light has been on since I installed a new timing belt and fired it up. I shut the car off fairly quickly when I realized the light was on.

My question is: has anyone changed the oil pressure sensor on one of these cars? It seems impossible to change without removing the dual carburetors and intake manifold.

If someone has any experience with this year Prelude I would appreciate a little help.


Perhaps a service manual would explain the procedure for replacing the oil pressure sensor. If you don’t have one, try Books4Cars.com

I have a repair manual for this car, and it isn’t very helpful on this matter. I also called two Honda dealers and they basically said that they don’t know how to do it (probably didn’t want to take the time to explain how).

Isn’t it right on top of the oil filter? You’ll probably have to put the car on jack stands, crawl under it and take the oil filter off but at that point it should be pretty straightforward.

But did you only change the timing belt? I’m pretty sure this is an interference engine, so if the belt broke one or more of the pistons likely crashed into one or more of the valves and so it will probably require a lot more than just slapping a new timing belt on this thing to get it going.

The sensor is right on top of the filter housing, but I can only fit one hand into the space. There is a electrical connector on the sensor that is held in by a small Phillips screw. I can’t find a way to get even a tiny screwdriver in there with one hand, and I can’t get a straight shot at it from above.

Unfortunately for me, I bought this car with a broken timing belt because a Honda dealer told me that it was a non-interference motor. I quickly learned that this was not the case when re-timing the engine! The motor runs and sounds fine, so I think I might have gotten REALLY lucky.