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81 chevy malibu 350 with th350 transmission

a while ago i took out the speedo cable becouse it wasnt working, i replaced it and used the red extension that was on the old one but after i was done it still didnt work.

so now i just took of the cluster again and took the cable off the transmission so i could see if the gear spins by hand but it didnt but i dont no ig its sapposed to either (here’s a picture) what do you think, i put that red extension on there to see if it turns.

this is the piece and heres what the gear looks like. ill run the car tomarrow and see if it turns, i cant tonight becouse it is too loud thanks

and is the gear sapposed to spin freely

Its not supposed to turn by hand, if it does then the gear/s would be stripped. The gear should only turn when the output shaft turns. Plug in the cable at the transmission, unplug the cable end at the speedo and drive the vehicle. See if the speedo drive inside the cable turns while the vehicle is moving. If it does not you will need to jack up the back end of the vehicle and with the trans in Neutral, turn the driveshaft by hand and see whether the gear turns with the driveshaft.


thank u for your help very much appreciated i will try these test in the morning thanks again

Does the car have cruise control? And if you spin the cable with your fingers the speedometer should move.

ill try that but no it does not have cruise control

Its a worm drive gear…if you can spin it…its trashed. It will only spin when the tranny is moving etc…

ok, sorry it took so long, i want to thank everyone that contributed. i jacked it up saw that it spined by turning the driveshaft, so what it was i think it was the red extension that connect to the cord that goes to the back or the cluster for speedometer. but thanks again for your help.