81 chevy malibu 350 spark plug

i have oil on my number 1 spark plug the next one to that was ok , i didnt check the rest of them yet does anybody now what this means ane what should i do to fix it thanks

Depends on how long you want to keep the car, how bad the plug was, how much money you want to put into repairs. You could keep an eye on the plug and change it as needed, or start down the trail of a proper fix.

WHERE on the spark plug? On the outside where the plug wire attaches or in the combustion chamber and on the electrode?

If the electrodes are oil fouled, your valve guide seals are leaking. This is fairly common on an older Chevy V8. If you don’t want to rebuild the heads and replace the valve guide seals, you can live with it and change the plug or plugs as needed. Some people install a hotter plug in the cylinder to keep it from fouling, but this can cause damage in the long run. I bought an old Chevy truck once and found seven R45’s and one R48 in the engine! That’s probably a little too hot, but I guess it didn’t foul anymore. I personally would not recommend doing that.