75 miles on Lance's Lumina

Parking a car on the street in Manhattan is often impossible because there are no available legal spots or is unwise because the car may be broken into. Lance’s '95 Lumina may have been driven 75 miles because the garage that repaired the car did not have any place to keep it overnight. So it may have been safer to send it home with one of the mechanics.

Give us a break!!! Do you really think that it takes 75 miles to find a safe parking space? We lived for over 20 years in Westchester county; the lower part near Manhatten. Its not 75 miles to get from here to Manhatten. If the car needed to be parked somewhere safe; surely a parking garage could have been found? What about the airport? They have a few nearby and its safer then most places in NYC.

You are correct, it doesn’t take 75 miles to get to a safe spot, unless Lance left the car at the garage for three days and the guy who took the car home lived in lower Westchester. Two round trips to midtown could add up to 75 miles. Of course none of this excuses what the garage did; they should provide secure overnight parking without having to drive it 75 miles.