72 vw stalling

I have a 72 vw that runs great untill I come to a stop. I have to keep feathering the gas pedal or it will stall. any ideas?

Isn’t there an idle speed adjustment on the carburetor?

What model VW are we talking about, and is the ignition timing set correctly?

It could be one of several things, and I’m assuming you’re talking about a Beetle?

One is the possibility of split intake boots since this car should have a dual port motor in it.
Two is either a faulty Idle solenoid on the carburetor or lack of power to that solenoid to make it operate. (It’s the little cylinder with a wire attached. With the key on disconnect the wire and touch it to the solenoid terminal a couple of times. You should hear it click every time.)
Three is the possibility of the ignition points starting to close up.
Four is the possibility of a plugged idle circuit in the carburetor (time for a carb overhaul).

None of this is major at all and hope this helps.

Or that electro-jet could just be loose.

What transmission? The semiautomatics of that time in many VWs had a habit of messing really bad with the vacuum system and could cause this kind of problem, especially if there was any kind of leak in the vacuum system.