71 911 To bare or not to bare that is the question

I have a 71 911. I blew the engine in 91. Its been in a garage since. I was doing about 55mph. I looked down and both the oil sump and the oil pressure were a big fat 0!! I turned it off immediately and coasted into a gas station off the highway. The crank case never turned again.

So it sits in a garage in Texas. I am doing work in Chicago and will be for a bit. Would it be heresy to expose it to the elements (after rebuild) of Chicago? To park it on the street and expose it to the mass amount of salt they put down to melt the ice?

Thanks. : )

If it were mine I would call it a summer car.

You’d regret it. Plus, i’d think that a Porche sitting on the street in Chicago would have a very short “shelf life.”

Yeah, I agree with those above. The salt would do it no favors, but you wouldn’t notice because it would get stolen.

I expect that car would be quite valuable on the “classic sports car” market, if it were in good body condition without major rust, even better if it was in the original powertrain configuration and running well. I like the 67’s and 68’s myself, but there are probably people looking for a 71. Maybe the best sol’n is to sell it as-is to someone who wants to do a powertrain restore, while the body is in good condition and you can still get some money for it.

Texas rust free body = valuable. Chicago rusty body, not so much.

Yeah, I’m with the “Leave it in TX” comments.

Or, better yet, I’ll pay you scrap value and drag it to CT. :smiley:

Damnit. But yes voice of reason wins over desire. Thanks.