69 camaro rs price



I have a 69’ camaro rs in almost mint condition thanks to the bad paint job from a guy I paid good money to. But the interior is in great condition and matching number body. It has a 350 that I am finishing up building right now. But I was wondering what the price was or how much its worth?? Thanks for all help


The price of “Classic” Pony Cars is variable and subject to change without notice…Fancy car auctions held at Scottsdale and Palm Beach can fetch amazing money for cars like you describe. But to bring the really big bucks, the car must be in showroom condition…If you are concerned about the paint job, then virtually all potential buyers will be to…

You can use eBays “advanced search” feature, check “completed auctions” for 1969 Camaro’s and see what similar cars have actually SOLD for…That will give you a rough idea of the market for your car…You will also notice the dreamers who set unrealistic reserve prices and their cars do not sell…Many of these cars are quietly sold for much less than the asking price…


I use Caddyman’s Ebay approach for a reasonable estimate. But “the bad paint job” is going to be a problem. Also, by “building” your 350, are you staying stock, or modifying it?


These were great cars, but they don’t usually fetch big bucks unless they have “provenance” (like having been owned by Elvis) with “papers” to prove it or they’re in extremely good original condition (again, with “papers” to prove they’re all-original).

Of course you could get super lucky. The founder of Papa Gino’s Pizza paid $250,000 to buy back his orginal Camaro.


I would LOVE to own one again…Maybe when my youngest is out of college (starting high-school next year) I’ll have the time and money (and hopefully the health) to buy one and restore it.

There was a show on the discovery channel a couple of years ago. This famous (although I don’t know him) car restorer…for the show would buy some junk old car and restore it and then sell it at auction.

But his restore jobs were NOT restoring it to the original condition. They were actually BETTER…

One time he bought a 68 Camaro from a junk yard (basically just the shell - no engine or tranny) for $5000…Then completely restored the body (removed ALL rust…filled in holes with new metal)…the body was MINT…

But the suspension was completely new and new design (multi-link suspension)…Also 4 disc brakes…New much higher performing 350 and new transmission…The Interior was also completely upgraded (leather…new instruments…new carpets…)…

At auction there was another restored Camaro…but this one was restored to stock…

The restored Camaro went for about $24k…This guys Camaro…went for over $60k…

Personally I’d LOVE to get an older Camaro and restore it to something BETTER then stock…but NO WHERE NEAR that extreme.


The '69 is probably the most desireable year for Camaros and the price can be all over the map on these cars. Numbers matching RS puts it in the more desireable run of this model and a so-so car should be worth 15-20 grand. If the car were mine and I were going to sell it I wouldn’t take a penny less than 20 and if someone did not like that price then let them go to Wal Mart and buy one; or Barrett Jackson where they will pay 90 grand for an overrestored museum piece that is essentially worthless in my opinion.

Two points though. Much can depend on the engine rebuild for one. There is rebuilding and rebuilding properly. They are not one and the same. Properly means boring the cylinders, line-boring the block, inspection and fitment of a 100 or so different parts from bearing oil clearance to valve stem to guide fit along with replacement of the cam, lifters, oil pump, etc.

Two would be the paint. Just curious, but what’s wrong with it? Orange peel, fish eyes, runs, or what? Correct coded color for the car?