626 Mazda Won't Start

Last weekend, my vehicle was broken into and in an attempt to steal the car the would be thiefs used a screwdriver to try & pry at the ignition. They did no damage to the ignition cylinder itself, however, they pried the little black ring that goes around the cylinder…when i looked at the cylinder there were two black wires exposed, which look as they had been soldered? yet are not connected to anything any longer.

The car will crank, yet not start???

I removed the housing from around the steering column and looked for any signs of where these two wires would have been soldered, yet nothing!

I am lost and this is my only mode of transportation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The wires may be for some sort of security system possibly and the ignition system may be disabled. It would good to know if that and the fuel system is working. You may need to have a shop fix the trouble.