5 speed transmission

I have a S10 5 speed manual trans. I just bought it a couple weeks ago to pull my boat. I pulled it 2 times I noticed that when I was pulling my boat it was hard to get into gears!! Now it won’t go into gear when it is running?? I’m sure that it is my clutch!! would it be better to fix old trans. or get a used one.?? does the clutch usually comes with a used trans>??thanks for any help you can give??

The clutch assembly is a separate unit from the transmission assembly. It is replaceable without replacing the transmission; unless there has been a lot gear gnashing and forced shifting going on, which can ruin the transmission internals.

How does the clutch pedal feel? If it’s soft/mushy or there is no “feel” to it then it may be nothing more than a clutch hydraulic problem (clutch slave and master cylnders) and these can be replaced without replacing the clutch assembly if the clutch is not slipping.

the clutch was not slipping but I had to push it all the way to the floor to get it to work…I checked what I thought was the fluid and it was full but maybe not working. did notice a slight drip around the area of the tran though?? should I try to drive it or have it towed to a dealer?? thanks for all your help

also what does anyone think all this should cost??

What’s happened is that the hydraulic cylinder that’s supposed to operate the clutch is leaking so it’s not disengaging the clutch completely. Now it sounds like it’s not disengaging it at all. On most vehicles the slave cylinder is a fairly easy repair with a pretty cheap part.

Depending on how far away the dealer is, you can attempt to drive it like this, but it would be better to have it towed.

that sounds good but if it is the clutch does the whole trans. have to come out to fix it?? my truck is a 4WD…and what does that usually costs?? your answers are great thanks

How big a boat are you towing? And what engine does the truck have? More often that not the clutches used in smaller trucks (half-ton and smaller) these days are not the sturdiest. Take a look the tow ratings for automatic transmissions vs. manual transmissions in light trucks. The slushboxs always tow more, sometimes by more than 100% over manual transmssions. You may be exceding the clutches capacity.

The transmission has to come out if it’s the clutch, but I don’t think it’s the clutch itself. The slave cylinder is usually mounted on the outside of the transmission, in which case it’s a snap to change. On some vehicles the transmission does need to be removed in order to change it, though.

I have a 6 cy. 4.3 motor and my boat weight about 2800 lbs. thanks for all your help