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45 miles per gallion in reverse

Howdy was tired of always trying to get a head so i decieded to turn things around. I mean i put my 90 grand voyger van in reverse an off i went. On an on was starting to realize that my gs gauge was not going down much. The old van normal 23mpg was being put to shame . Finally after 500 miles i got gas an yipee!!! over 45 mpg should of turned back years ago… Happy Aapril fools day.

You remember the movie Ferrous Beuler’s Day Off when they put the Corvette on jack stands and ran it in reverse to take mileage off?

Well it actually works on my 92 Dakota. I got it stuck in the driveway this winter and decided to see if the odometer would go backwards; It did and I subtracted 0.2 miles off:)

Congradulations you are well on your way to having a new Dakota… maybe soon we will see a lot of backward thinking … heck a new movement. Now there is an idea, wonder where i can get some t shirts printed cheap…

Since you were in reverse, you got negative 45 miles per gallon. Don’t do it for too long or you will overflow your gas tank :o

I can see it now a gas for sale sign in the use to be front window. Glad it does not have one of those backing up beep beep beep…

Corvette? It was a Ferrari 250 GT, I can hear Enzo spinning in his grave now.

Your reverse theory should also be implemented in a driving rain. If you notice, the back window stays clear of rain. Hence, you would have improved visibility if you run in reverse.

I was going to try it myself but, I got sidetracked when I discovered a grahm cracker that just happened to be in the exact shape of the state of Colorado. I was thinking of putting it on e-bay to see what it would bring.