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43.4 MPG on my HHR?

I’ve been driving real careful, I reset my readout display (the thing that displays MPG, oil life, milage) after every fill-up. My MPG economy reads 43.4 MPG. Does that really mean I got 43.4 mpg??

Believe only half the things you see, and none of what you read…
Doesn’t your wallet tell you if you’re getting that kind of mileage?

National news item yesterday June 20. Hundreds of gas pumps in N.J. found to be out of spec. I caution using the amount displayed on the pump as one of the figures in your gas mileage mathmatics. Now to your question,you are going to have to use a second method of figuring your MPG then compare it to your display,if they agree there is your answer if not faulty data from somewhere.In my city, Tucson the allowable margin of error is 3.3 oz per 5 gallons


You must be doing more than just driving real careful to achieve that. It certainly is possible though with all out hypermiling techniques.
Shut off the engine if you aren’t going to move in the next 20 seconds or so.
Keep the tires at maximum inflation.
Time the lights.
Pulse and glide, what Dale Earnhardt Jr did during the yellow flag to milk a few more laps out of the fumes he was running on.
Avoid high peak speeds.

It depends whether it’s on average or instantaneous mileage, and when you reset it last. If you reset it before or when you filled up last and it is average mileage, then it’s real.

Next time you fill up your tank, write down your odometer reading. Then when you fill up again, subtract the last reading from your current reading and the result will be the amount of miles you’ve traveled. Divide that number by the amount of gallons you just bought and you’ll have an accurate mpg rating.


Pulse and glide, what Dale Earnhardt Jr did during the yellow flag to milk a few more laps out of the fumes he was running on. [/b]

Does the pulse-and-glide thing really work for maximizing fuel economy? It seems to me that maintaining a constant speed would be better, and less annoying to others…

Getting a car with a smaller (less oversized) will do better, cost less and be safer. Let’s face it Dale 's engine was oversized for the speeds under caution.

Even a Geo Metro has an engine that is way oversized for the task of maintaing a 40 mph speed limit. It is at these speeds where pulsing and gliding really pays off. At freeway speeds, it’s hardly worth doing, unless you are driving one of those 400 hp cars with expensive insurance premiums.

Dashboard mileage displays are just another toy to play with. If you want to know your REAL mileage, divide the number of miles you have driven by the number of gallons burned.

Nothing the USA builds gets that kind of gas mileage…maybe 100 years from now:) They’d be wise to do away with the little digital read-outs and baubles, bells, and whistles and just give us an affordable reliable car.

I have found the fuel economy readouts in my vehicles to be within one or two tenths of a mile per gallon of the figures calculated using miles driven divided by gallons.

that can be set to whatever the customer thinks it should be(god I love electronics)what does the cust expect,

then whamo I reprogram it to thier expectations.

and really did nothing other than program your head.

did that help

Nothing the USA builds gets that kind of gas mileage…

Never say nothing…

Ah, I don’t know about that… My Harley Sporty got all of 34mpg and with a ‘peanut’ gas tank that held all of 3 gallons, I could go maybe 100 miles if I kept it at an even speed.

Most road tests on Sportsters that I have read inicate that they can get low to mid 50’s on the highway, provided they are left stock and some shade tree mechanic keeps his grubby mitts off of the carburetor jetting.

It is NOT programmable without messing up engine control, which is a violation of Federal law.

oh yes it is.

its a sub system,BCM,has nothing to do with MFI.

just like all caddys,I can change those also ,and get this ,through your HVAC head unit.(nice stuff).

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I have a feeling your shop doesn’t let you anywhere near customers, do they…

So how do you change Caddy’s through the HVAC head unit?

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