4 runner - 4 wheel drive

i am looking for a used 4 runner, test drove one, when i had it in hi-4, and acclerated to 50 there was a rotten egg smell-- seller claimed car should not be driven in 4wd at that speed and nothign was wrong – smell is expected, thoughts


The smell has nothing to do with the 4wd setting. This is the exhaust you smell.

And the seller is correct. You should not be operating the vehicle in 4WD on dry pavement at highway speed.

Vehicles put under heavy loads, such as climbing hills or accelerating quickly, will often emit a rotten egg smell from the exhaust. It’s a function of the catalytic converter.

However, you should not be able to smell this from your own exhaust at 50 mph. Are you sure you weren’t smelling this from another vehicle in traffic?

Remind me NOT to let you test drive my 4runner. Driving in 4wd on dry pavement is a GREAT way to destroy a 4wd system.

I concur with what’s been said so-far. Rotten Egg smell is exhaust…has nothing to do with the 4wd system.