4 or 6 cylinder on an SUV

Do I really need to explain all of my needs to you? Would you really classify a CRV or an Escape as an SUV? How many wagons are available with AWD and get 22 mpg city (which is where I travel the most)? In my situation, it was an excellent compromise. I would also bet that I haul more things around (albeit, frequently on the roof) than people who get huge gas guzzling SUVs. I have a mini-van (6 kids fyi) as well, but always use the CRV to pick things up. I even managed to get 15 windows from Home Depot to home in one trip- I know, not enough weight and a Suburban could’ve kept them in the car. Who cares? I get around 23-24 mpg/ tankful. I also have gone throughout the family farm (I know, not the real rocks and muds that pros do, just mowed fields) and never gotten stuck. Is that sufficient, or did I make a mistake getting an “SUV”?