4 or 6-cyl 2020 Chevrolet Colorado?

Should I get a 4 or 6 cylinder in this truck? Would the 4-cylinder last?

How to answer - don’t know what you plan to do with the truck , heavy or light hauling , towing something , where your driving will be most of the time or even what trim level you are looking at.
And Yes the 4 cylinder will last . If you will notice there are plenty of 4 cylinder vehicles that have been on the road for many years.

So I guess the only answer is buy what you like after a test drive.


That four wont be available in a lot of trims. It would probably do fine in the limited layouts its available in. I would get it with a manual though. With an automatic it would probably be a turd. I dont know if you could even get 4wd with the four.

What are you planning to haul/tow with it?

The reviews that i can find for the 4cyl suggest that you would be happier with the 6cyl over the 4cyl. the smaller engine is the budget choice but that the v6 is worth the extra cash.

You can have 4wd with the 4cyl but for 2020 the Colorado is Automatic only.

With an automatic you might be disappointed in the performance .

There I fixed for you , I expect someone who is supposed to be a forum moderator to use better descriptions .

What if I told you that you cannot get a manual at all on the 2020 Colorado?

Well, there you go…that’s a shame, though sadly not a huge surprise.

I remember reading that only 6% of new car models offered a manual and that was like 2 years ago. I am not surprised and this is unfortunate. The good news is that automatics seem a lot better than they were just a few short years ago with fewer losses in efficiency and longer life.

I changed the fluid in one of my manuals a couple weeks ago and it was basically like changing engine oil. Maintenance on an automatic is not so simple.