4 cylinder Versa

with regular driving how long can I expect the car to run 100k, 90k, 80,or something else. How do they (4 cyl) compare to the 6 cyls.

Cylinder count and longevity are not related. Longevity is directly related to maintenance. The answer depends on how well you maintain the car.

If you follow the owner’s manual’s recommendations, you should have no trouble getting to 200k. There will be repairs along the way, of course.

My wife’s 1.6 liter 4 cylinder Nissan has been running perfectly for 14 years. Nissan makes very good engines. With good maintenance expect 200,000 miles easily without major repairs. As stated elsewhere, the engine size and number of cylinders is irrelvant; good maintenance is the key to long life.

Wife’s last car Accord (4-cylinder)…sold at over 230k miles…didn’t burn a drop of oil when we sold it…running as good as new.

Wife’87 Accord we sold with over 300k miles…again…not burning one drop of oil and still running GREAT.

Assuming you perform the required maintenance, I’d say you should expect at LEAST 200K miles from the 4-cylinder engine in the Versa. There are no 6-cylinder Versas, and 6-cylinder engines do not last longer than 4-cylinder engines.