4 cyl turbo motors?

Friend has 2020 Infiniti qx50 with the VC turbo 4cyl motor. Is getting rid of it and getting a 2024 Mercedes 350gle with the turbo 2.0 motor. Is what it is. Can’t get away from turbo stuff these days. Are the merc motors ok design wise? Does Mercedes know what they are doing?

I have no specific knowledge of new Mercedes. But since they’ve been legendary since like the 1880s I’d say there’s a good chance they don’t know what they’re doing. :wink:

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I don’t think their engines are significantly better than all the other turbo 4s out there. Pretty much the standard IC engine except when a turbo 6 is used instead of a V8.

I prefer the nonturbo hybrid 4.

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I try and avoid turbo motors and Mercedes, as a general rule.

Having said that… I’m not sure that getting rid of a 2020 Infiniti for a 2024 Mercedes is the best long term decision. Obviously we don’t have all the details…but I’ll just say it’s not the choice I would make.

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Given Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) has been building cars for 128 years, I think they know what they are doing. That said, turbocharged engines in cars have been around for 63 years and common for 35 years, I think they are a proven commodity.

I’ve owned 3 4 cylinder turbo cars. One for 83K before selling, another for 108K before selling and the current one at 45K from 3 different manufacturers. Yeah, they work just fine.

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I don’t think they have a non turbo hybrid model?
They had the lifetime warranty on infinity. Guess they sort of lost out on the lifetime part.
It’s not a money issue. His wife makes a ton and thinks a new car is no big deal.

They’re pretty consistently toward the bottom of various reliability and quality ratings, so I’d say no.

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He was leaning towards v6 qx60 but decided on the qx50 instead. With the odd VC motor. Mercedes does have a gle450? In-line turbo 6.

Back to Merc, if Mercury was still around, a I would consider a turbo 4 Cougar. Very happy with my turbo four Mustang, not happy with the OEM tires, they break loose at the drop of a hat.

Hopefully @Nevada_545 will comment, seems to know Mercedes very well.

My guess, the Merc 4-cyl-turbo engine function will prove to be as good or better than the majority of the other competitors in similar markets. Just have to accept that reliability & cost of repair are the usual compromises w/ increased system complexity.

I feel like DI (Direct Injection) engines are more prone to trouble than turbocharged engines. Any actual evidence for that?

How about both turbo and DI? My current turbo 4 has both.

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The 2022 model year and earlier had a number of turbo4 GLC’s along with other models with the same engine needing a new cylinder head due to burnt exhaust valves. 2023 and newer have an updated design on the engine that so far isn’t having the same problems but who can say for sure.

Direct injection, complements turbos very nicely. The cooling effect of spraying the fuel directly into the cylinder. Lets the turbo run at higher pressures and with smaller more efficient intercooler or none at all.

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Maybe the 6 cyl turbo model would be more robust? Think I read it’s an inline 6. Not a v6.

Bingo! Love my Rav4 Hybrid.

Benz is not a good idea no matter how you look at it - it’s not the same thing it was 40 years ago. Complexity - especially electronics - has increased exponentially, and so have problems and parts/repair prices. They also LOVE using proprietary tools so you will be bound to a stealer. Good news: they usually have free coffee in the waiting room!

They don’t drive much. I figure the less you use car the lower the odds of issues popping up. I think he wants newer tech. And will keep it 2-3 yrs.