4 cyl SUV

I would like to find a used Lexus RX 300, 4 CYL, 2.2L or 2.4L engine. 2000-2003. Why can’t I find one? They supposedly were built, but I only see 6 cyl models. Can anyone help me?

Of the people who buy Lexus SUVs, not many of them care about fuel economy. Most folks who can afford a luxury SUV want the extra power of six cylinders. Check with a Lexus dealer to see if you can order one.

Fueleconomy.gov and Edmunds.com only show the 6-cyl engine. The government site has a number of cars and trucks with drive trains that I never know existed. If they don’t list it, the 4-cyl probably does not exist.

The only 4 cyl car Lexus builds is a Corollas based compact, an excellent car, but it may not meet your needs. The two best 4 cyl SUVs are the Honda CRV and the Toyota RAV4. The 4 cyl Jeeps are rather primitive by comparison.

I don’t believe that the RX 300 is manufactured with anything other than a V-6, so I suspect that the source of your information regarding 4-cylinder models is flawed. While it is possible that they were sold with a 4-cylinder engine in other, more economy-oriented nations, I am sure that none like that were marketed in the US.

As previous poster mentioned, the 4-cyl model exists but they’re not currently available in the US.