4 Alternators...Could Ray be wrong?...:)


Hello there…first of all, going out on a limb here…RAY IS…UH… WRONG!..:)…(sorry Ray, but after hearing that the alternators came from so many different places, what can I say!) I also had the same thing happen to me (burned out alternator after alternator) and it turned out to be a defective battery…altho the battery tested fine, as soon as I changed it the problem went away…this after (you can imagine) many months of extreme frustration (I changed the alternators myself in a toyota van, which is not the easiest thing to do!) and dealing with parts store counterpeople who were quite reluctant to give me yet another “new” alternator…good luck!..david


Wrong forum. You should post this in “Second Opinion” forum. Perhaps a mod will do it for you.


I’d like to know how your battery was tested so that its problem was missed. There are several way to test a battery and charging system; a few examples as follows:

  1. Voltage when fully charged with engine running.
  2. Voltage after resting after several hours.
  3. Load tested with a portable load tester.
  4. Voltage with starter motor running.
  5. Voltage at idle with headlights on.

There are more things to try, I am sure. How was your particular battery tested?