4.3 CHEVY s10 2002 low coolant



it has low coolant level but not leaking it any where. i’m thinking lower intake gaskets, but do the 4.3 have coolant go thought the plastice intake like the 3.8


The intake gasket on my 2000 Blazer 4.3 was replaced in early 2004 due to leaking. The coolant was dropping slowly (~1 pint/month). During an oil change the mechanic found a small amount of coolant as the last of the oil drainded out.

I also replaced the radiator cap with a Stant Model 10230 or 11230 (Spring-Center type). There’s some info in this link.


Ed B.


this one is dueing the same thing. so it was just your lower or did you do both upper and lower gaskets?


it dosn’t look like the coolant runs thought it


I believe it was the gasket between the manifold and the block.

Ed B.