4,000 entusiasts belong to Ford Mustang Clubs... Where?

According to a USA Today article, by Chris Woodyard , “Ford says Mustang is a hit with Chinese buyers”.

These cars have established popularity that spans decades, cultures, and oceans.

This isn’t so much a question, but rather some fresh meat for starting a discussion (as in: General Discussion Topic). Fire away with comments if you choose. Ignore if that’s your pleasure.

How about an article on the wider appeal of the Mustang. 12,000 Mustang club members in the US, 200 in Iceland, of all places and 3000 in China (a year ago). A country with 1.3 Billion people can certainly support 4000+ Mustang club members.

Having a factory RHD model, also helps sell more Mustangs in the UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the like.


They like them some Buicks, too. Maybe it has something to do with the exotic nature of an American car in China.

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Not just the mustang, If I remember correctly they also sell a number of Raptors over there as well.

Buick has been building cars in China for 30 years. It is very popular and one of the reasons GM kept Buick even though they were not selling well in the US.

Darn! I’ll bet the Chinese could have been happier with Pontiacs, once they gave them a try, and felt the excitement! GM should have dumped Buick. I’m not sure what’s with the “chemistry” between old people (or people who act and/or drive old) and Buick, but there seems to be some type of attraction at work, especially gold Buicks.
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They started as an exotic import from the USA and, as you said, became so popular that GM began building Buicks in China.

The Olds Intrigue was the best of the Regal/Intrigue/Grand Prix trio IMO.