3rd gear whine

I’ve mentioned before that the trans in my 05 lesabre slips a bit, then begins to shift hard. Not uncommon on that trans (4t65e). I’ve noticed recently that it will whine in 3rd gear when it starts the hard shift strategy. It’s been doing the whine off and on for about a year. The whine is acceleration dependent (it gets higher pitched as the rpm’s increase). I’m not a trans guy. It’s a magic box as far as I’m concerned lol. I do know 3rd is the direct drive gear. I’m curious what that whine is. I’m considering installing a transgo shift improver kit that has great reviews for curing the slip and subsequent computer commanded hard shift strategy. If the whine is an ominous sign of transmission grenading (I initially thought it was, but it keeps rockin), I will pass on the shift kit install. If anyone has any insight on why it whines only in the 1:1 ratio, that’d be great. The car has 182k, and I don’t plan on paying for a rebuild, FWIW. Going to drive it into the dirt with regular maintenance (and possibly a shift kit :grin:).

A whine is typically a bearing going bad. In this case a bearing heavily involved with 3rd gear.

A shift kit typically increases line pressure which helps slipping clutches inside the trans. I don’t think it will help your whine.


Good advice above. It’s possible the whine is from the differential rather than the 3rd gear trans cogs. If both differential and trans fluid are in good shape & at the proper level, best bet given what you say is probably just to turn up the radio.

I guess I’ll drive on. Wasn’t sure if the oddball shifts and the whine are related.

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Actually, come to think of it, the oddball shifts and the 3rd gear whine are related. I only get the whine when it is doing the hard shift. It never whines otherwise. Given that, I’d assume it isn’t bearing or differential related, I’d assume those would be a constant whine in 3rd gear, hard shifts or not.

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