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3M Imperial Hand Glaze - Sucks!

I must have bought this at O’Reilly Auto parts - First couple of time it was fine.

Lately, it is not coming out of the car - I need to rub a lot. It also sounded watery. Thoughts?

Just noticed that Amazon review is bad too - I didn’t see it before. Does 3M has any warranty? What would be an alternative product?

It might be old but I had that with Meguire’s too. Glaze is hard to get off unless you use a buffer. The last glaze I bought was hard to remove and when I looked at it closer found it was a hand glaze instead of a machine glaze. I threw it away and picked up the machine glaze I usually use. Years ago I had picked up some clearance spray on glaze by Dupont and had the same issue of working like crazy to get it off again. Get yourself at least a foam buffing pad and use the machine glaze plus wax over that.

Look on the 3M web site but don’t get your hopes up . I doubt if anyone here would know that and what ever they say will not influence 3M anyway.

What I needed was Synthetic Wax - after a car wash

@Bing Do you recommend one?
Synthetic Wax last longer right?

Just buy a name brand vehicle wax and use it twice a year.

And if you really need to obsess over this go to the ( Auto Geek ) web site as they are among the premier detailing sites.

If you want it to really last a long time, get it ceramic-coated. That lasts years.

What is it - name of the product?

There are a number of different ones. It’s professionally installed. Ask your detail shop.

I agree with you . . . but even regular washing and waxing twice a year won’t preserve the paint and clear coat long term in certain parts of the country, especially if the car isn’t garaged

I just use Meguires standard wax, whatever it’s called.

Call me old fashioned, but I like Turtle Shell

I think I’m older fashioned, doesn’t anyone use “Simonize” any more?

Sure, I have a can of Simonize paste wax that I use on the table of my table saw. One can is a life time supply though so I gotta think sales are slipping a little unless people use it on their wood floors.

I used them until last time I bought Turtle Wax ICE and I liked it more than original “hard shell”.
Unlike classics, ICE does not leave the white residue on plastics and it’s much easier to rub off.

Generally with the synthetic waxes, you have to do a cleaning phase with a cleaner, polish or clay bar. My pick is Meguires Ultimate Wax but I trust Mother’s also. The Meguires is a cross linked polymer and it is very tough.

A cleaner wax is a lot easier to use but doesn’t last as long.

thanks for that advice . . . I’ll look for turtle shell ice next time I need to buy wax

If you can take care to keep it off of black plastic, NuFinish liquid goes on easy, does a great job with oxidation, and lasts a long time.

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Synthetic Wax = Sealant

These days sealants are generally superior to waxes in most areas. I’m a fan of Blackfire Diamond. I think they’ve renamed it to just Blackfire Paint Sealant now. The Collinite845 + Jescar Powerlock combo is more labor intensive, but yields particularly long-lasting protection.

If you just want something you can find on the shelf at your local Autozone or Walmart that’s easy to put on and take off, I’d go with Megs NXT or Megs Ultimate Liquid wax.