3g Mistsubishi Eclipse engine swap

Hello, I recently did and engine swap on my 2004 eclipse 2.4 5 speed with a 2000 eclipse engine. Everything seems to be working fine, it starts everytime, drives, doesn’t stall or anything, but Im now getting 2 OBDII codes P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction & P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor ‘A’ Circuit Malfunction. When I try to erase the code it come up immedietly on again. I never had those codes with my broken 2004 engine but now I do with the 2000 one. Now the wiring and ecu is my stock one, the sensors are the ones that came with the swapped engine, so some mechanics told me that I need to put my old sensors back (from 2004 engine) on that swapped engine to clear the light. I did end up doing it, and it didn’t help, the codes are still present. Anyone know of possible solution or expereinced something similar? Please and thank you…

“Now the wiring and ecu is my stock one”

The stock one from WHICH car?
If you are using the ECM from the 2004 car with an engine from a 2000 model, the most likely problem is that there is a communication glitch between the engine and the ECM.

VDCdriver, yes I still have my 2004 ecm in my car, the only thing I swapped is the Engine Itself, everything else is still mine. If there is a glitch, how can it be fixed???

IMHO, you need to install the ECM from a MY 2000 Eclipse.
The days of simply swapping engines from different model years–even if they have the same displacement–are long gone.


I’ll ask what some of the others may have been thinking . . .

Why didn’t you install a model year 2004 Eclipse engine in your 2004 Eclipse?

Couldn’t locate one?

Happened to have a model year 2000 Eclipse engine lying around in your garage?

By the way, what prompted the engine replacement in the first place?

Likely some kind of ECM software incompatibility. The programmers who wrote the software for the 2004 engine computer didn’t anticipate somebody would be using that version of software with a 2000 engine. It’s pretty amazing it works at all if you think about it. Think about it this way: what if you tried to install a recently released software application like a spreadsheet or word processor intended for use exclusively on the Windows 7 platform and instead installe it on a Windows XP computer? You’d expect some problems, right?

You could get lucky and it may be possible to find a work-a-round. Sensors, wiring, etc. Or maybe just a reflash of your ECM software back to the 2000 version would do it. I don’t recommend trying this on a hit and miss basis though. You’ll likely run out of time and money before you get it to work. If I had this problem I’d contact one of those outfits that specialize in engine computer module repair and replacement. They might be able to source you a complete 2000 ECM in fact.

Be aware that what you are trying to do may be impossible to accomplish; i.e. that you can’t make a 2000 engine completely compatible with a 2004 car, and the only way you’ll get the check engine light to stay out is to either remove the light bulb or but some black tape over it.

The only good news is that the OP’s car has a manual transmission.
If it had an automatic trans, that would likely mean that it was necessary to change the TCM also.
But…then again…if he was running a MY 2000 engine with a MY 2004 automatic transmission, it is possible that the communication problems would be impossible to resolve.

In any event, I stand by my earlier statement that the days of simply swapping engines from different model years–even if they have the same displacement–are LONG gone.

George so you wouldn’t reccomend reflashing but rather putting a 2000 ecm insted? WOn’t i have to put a 2000 ecu as well and reprogram a key or something like that?

I’d only be guessing. Contact one of those module replacement places for advice. The one I’ve heard of – but never used myself – is called “Module Master”. The staff there deals with this type of problem on a daily basis. You need their expertise.

As long as it’s running okay and there is no emissions testing issue, why worry about it?? Drive on…

I asked WHY a 4 years older engine was installed

And my question wasn’t answered

db4690, I don’t see how answering your question is going to help me solve my issue, but if you really must know, then that is the ONLY one I could find at that time from a salvaged yard. I’ve never had any issue swapping the motors before with an older engine or newer engine like on camrys, civics, but this eclipse is giving me crap…

Caddyman, I need to sell this car, so how am I to explain to the buyer what the issue is?

Thank you for the explanation

Here’s my advice for selling the car

Be completely upfront

Tell the buyer the car has an incorrect model year engine
Tell him the check engine light has been on, ever since the engine swap
Tell him what the codes are
Provide him with printouts of the fault codes
Tell him you suspect the codes are due to an incompatibility of the engine and the control module
Tell him the car is sold as is . . . no guarantees, no hard feelings
Price it to move . . . price it far below what it would go far, if it had no problems

I see only one potential problem
In some states, the seller is responsible for getting the car smogged at the time of sale
If that applies to you, it might get hairy