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36 plymouth gas

i have a 36 plymouth with a 350 chevy and 600 holly carb.starts easy,but after it warms up it will stall(acts like it is running out of gas.I have to wait 2 minutes and it will start back up and run for a couple more minutes and this will repeat itself.also if you put car into low gear(700r)and dig into it it will start bogging down in about 5 seconds and ack like it is running out of gas and will slowly stall.I have adjusted the floats,adjusted the mixture with a vac gauge and have tested the mallary ignition system.



Is it possible you have installed too small a carb? What would a 650 CFM carb do? Also, whats your jetting?

Put a fuel pressure gauge on it, near the carb, sounds like fuel starvation.

Tell us about the choke system on this car.

Have you checked the fuel filter in the carb ? If its a Holley there may be a stone type filter on the carb inlet. Have the same or similar carb on my 59 T-Bird 390 and been down that road.

When the carb runs out of fuel there is enough pressure left in the fuel line which allows some gas to trickle back into the carb through a restricted filter and allows the engine to restart.

Disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor and have someone crank the engine while you observe the fuel flow going into a soda bottle…You want a fairly high volume, 2 or 3 liters a minute…

thanks found the problem,a broken o ring at the carb inlet that settled in the mesh filter in the carb

thanks this was very helpful.the o ring at the carb inlet broke and part of it settled in the mesh filter and cut off the fuel
thanks bob