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350Z - hot air doesn’t work

I own a 2004 350z Enthusiast, when i start the car i turn the hot air on and get out while i let it warm up for about 30-40 minutes. When i go back to the car it is still blowing cold air. While driving the car with the hot air on all the way the car blows warm air for a while but then it comes out cold again. What might this be?

Unfortunately you purchase a 14 year old car that may not have been maintained.
My guess, either a problem with the blend door or a heater core that is partially clogged with rust and scale.
Likewise your problem with the idle in your other post. Older car with questionable maintenance.
What is lacking from your post. Is the check engine light on?
What does your temperature gauge read?
30-40 minute warmup is grossly excessive in any case.

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In your other thread about this same car, you said it won’t stay running, so how can you idle it for 30 minutes?


My first guess is the coolant is never reaching full operating temperature. Faulty thermostat or radiator fan problem.

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“but gave it gas this time which worked because it stayed on.“

If the thermostat is good, maybe you have an air pocket.

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About a week ago my first guess before posting was that it was low on coolant and after checking i discovered that it was so i filled it to the max fill line and checked the coolant tank yesterday after driving it a few times and it was back at the min fill line. Probably radiator problem🤷🏻‍♂️

I’m not quite sure if the thermostat is good, the car doesn’t overheat but i will check to make sure

This car appears to have cooling system issues, which means it’s at risk for overheating. Under those circumstances, it’s a bad idea to warm up the car unattended. You might come back to a destroyed engine one of these days.