$330 to flush my transmission

Its a 7 year old post in case you didn’t notice


I too subscribe to this philosophy.

I don’t see how your post is help for someone 7 years late. It reads as a rant more than anything else.


Not to mention-what tire shop carries bias ply tires? I only see bias ply tires for light utility trailers.


Brooksnan is not the type of person I would want to deal with as everything is going to turn into a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation…


FWIW, Cheap tires are NO bargain. Those 4 little rubber patches are the only thing between you and dead. How much is your life and the lives of your family worth to put them on cheap tires?

Buy good tires, name brands, and do your research! TireRack.com is a good site for research even if you don/t buy tires there.

End of rant.


Gee, you think so?

Most people go to work to make money, not to make friends.


Just where do people come up with nonsense like this ?


Yeah I hope after 7 years they either got the work done or changed cars. I use a trusted transmission shop for drain, fill and filter change every 30K on the Pontiac. Costs about $125. I need to use the dealer on the Acura and who knows what that will cost, in addition to the transfer case and rear differential coming up.

brooksnan is a new poster, not the OP.

Fluid and filter must cost at least $50, they must work cheap, labor around here is over $100 per hour. Plus shop supplies, disposal fee and sales tax, a transmission service is $200 and up.

There is no such thing


… and if they didn’t engage in that practice, they would be out of business w/in a very short period of time. Here’s a suggestion for you:

Find a business–of ANY type–that charges the same amount of money–or less–for their services and/or merchandise than those services or merchandise actually cost them, and you will find a business that is destined for failure.

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Tee hee. Reminds me. Some years ago when a bunch of a certain immigrant group came to town, they had a hard time buying anything. They refused to pay interest and profit. Kinda hard to stay in business if you don’t charge for the use of your money or make more than expenses. Welcome to America. Some of us just do our own work if we don’t like paying someone else.

I reiterate; some people should be told to keep on walkin’…

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