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327 eng 68 chev

eng is draging battery is good new starter what is the problem

Look for a siezed up engine.

Remove the spark plugs, put a socket/breaker bar on the crank bolt, and try turning the engine by hand. It should turn freely. If not, that’s what’s dragging the battery down.


I hope your mechanical skills are better than your grasp of the English language…

Thanks for your input. It turns, but it turns hard. What do I do if the engine is seized?

I am thinking of an improperly shimmed starter, why are you guys not?

“What do I do if the engine is seized?” If you can turn it over by hand, it’s not seized…Today’s “rebuilt” starters, especially for antique cars, can be of questionable quality. I would pull the starter and have it tested off the car (a good auto-electric shop can do this) before I pulled the engine…You can sort of test the starter yourself on the ground with a pair of jumper cables…

The 327 is a sweet short-stroke engine that can make 300 hp without even trying. Take care of it.

Oldschool mentioned starter shims. Over the years, yours may have become misplaced…Chevy starters of this era frequently needed to be shimmed to obtain proper Bendix gear to flywheel fit… It’s a matter of “feel” and Cut & Try…

If the engine is indeed siezed, the engine requires rebuilding.


Pull the coil wire and see if it stops dragging. The timing might be too high.

Dude, let’s slow down and get some background before leaping to conclusions;

What made you change the starter motor in the first place?
Did it happen all at once or has it been gradually getting worse?
Was the engine running normally before the swap?
How did the old starter motor fail? (solenoid click but no turn, no click no turn, etc)
Where did you buy the replacement starter and what kind did you get?

The quality of help you get here will depend greatly on how much time you invest in it…