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3 February 2020

Hi wondering if anyone could help, I bought a Renault Captur 2 days ago and had it back to the garage today as it’s making a rattling noise mainly when the car is labouring, I just had to attach a link to the video of the noise as could not figure out how to convert it to upload. Anyway the mechanics had a good look and can’t find any faults but I said you can only hear it when driving and they were like ‘remember you’ve went from a petrol to a diesel and they are noisier’ but I don’t think this noise is normal, it’s coming from the underneath front end of the car, Can anyone suggest issues? I’ve to take it back on Wednesday and would like to be ready for them lol

Sounds like a diesel engine at an idle to me.

+1 to It_s_Me’s comment.
It could be the result of my old ears not being as good as they once were, but that recording just sounds like an idling diesel engine.

Here is another recording, car sounds normal then when I change gear you hear the noise again, if that sounds like just a diesel idling then I guess I’m just not used to the new car noises yet lol

Sounds like a rod knock to me. If this is what I think,you might need a new engine.Ask the Renault dealership to drive a similar car and see what you think.