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      2007 Toyota Solara Sport Cnvrtbl. <b>3.3L  V6  COLD  START,</b> <b>EXCESSIVE  FAST  IDLE  PROBLEM.</b>  

Cold Engine Start results in engine racing above 2,000 rpm for an extended period of time, and requires greater than 2 1/2 minutes (using a stop watch) for gradual reduction to 1,000 rpm. Normally, 2,000 rpm is over 60 mph. Placing the transmission into “Drive” above 1,000 rpm generates a violent response, and racing a cold engine is not considered good long term treatment even with lighter weight viscosity oil.

Vehicle seems nearly perfect except for the cold start issue. Engine not run for 6 hours or longer; below 75 F., stop watch is used; no engine light indicator or stored “Trouble Codes.” ambient temp. above 75 F results in slightly shorter time. Vehicle purchased used in 2011 with 5,600 miles (yes, low mileage), and extensively tested before purchase by two mechanics: (1) the Toyota dealer and (2) an independent mechanic. But they had the vehicle after warm-up. The engine coolant level and coolant recovery tank is proper. The engine and surrounding area was thoroughly tested for vacuum leaks. It is my understanding a very few 3.3 L engines (incl. pickup trucks) behave with this anomaly. Most dealers and mechanics say something is definitely wrong. A few have observed the problem in other Toyota 3.3 L engines and not found a proper fix.

Question: What could cause the fast idle problem without storing a trouble code ?

Perhaps one or more sensors are slightly out of specification causing an accumulative error. Perhaps, Engine Analysis Software “Data Logging” sensor readings during the first two minutes of operation may provide information with a proper data base for the the actual voltage / resistance readings during warm-up. One trusted mechanic stated a very few 3.3L V6’s have the problem which remains unsolved.

Regards, Calliope