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2nd cluch

This is the 2nd cluch I had done on my car in

1 year the person @the garage said the cluch

was in peices. Does anyone know what I

did or the people that fixed my car

2001 mitsubishi eclipes gt 6 cyl 5 speed

When I was very young I had to bring back for warranty a rebuilt transmission for warranty repair (3sp on the tree for a 49 Chev pickup) it was popping out of 3rd gear. Before the shop agreeded to honor my warranty claim they wanted to ride as a passenger in the truck and see how I drove and shifted and used the clutch. This is what I would have to do to come to a conclusion about the early demise of your clutch.

I need more info regarding what your
talken about this car had a performance
cluch and I had 1 other manual car and never

Oldschool is right. When looking at premature clutch failure, a mechanic cannot take anything for granted, including the driver’s clutch habits.

Given how labor intensive it is to get at a clutch, before going back in, I’d like to understand how the owner is driving it.

The OP installed a “performance clutch.” Does that suggest anything?

Thanks mcparadise. That speaks volumes.

It strange could it be how I drive? I had
a manual transmission b4 and this never
happened. I’m looking on the Internet
on other possibilitys. Thanks for the info.
I never really rode the cluch but down shifted
to other gears when the car was moving.
I’m thinking 2nd to first. Is that really bad?

Without riding in the car with you it is hard to evaluate your driving techniques. With my maunal transmission cars I don’t downshift into 1st until I’ve come to a stop or am just barely moving. On other downshifts I watch the tach and raise the rpm’s about 800 to 1000 rpm before I release the clutch. That makes the engine speed closely match the wheel speed when you engage the clutch.

If you are going down into 1st at 20mph you better be giving the motor some gas before engaging the clutch. I routinely downshift from 5th to 4th when coming to a traffic light and often from 4th to 3rd. The only time I’d go down to second is to take a corner to have some power exiting the corner.

If the clutch is “in pieces” the clutch disc may have broken. This is different from a clutch wearing out. What, exactly, broke? The clutch disc, the pressure plate, the flywheel (heaven forbid)?

Was there any sort of warranty on the clutch, either from the manufacturer or the installer?

If the mechanic meant by “…the clutch was in pieces” that the driven disc had disintegrated, than somehow you oversped the input shaft of the transmission and the attached disc. A possibility is that you actually or tried to shift into first while going 50+ mph. Even if you did not reengage the clutch, the disc would be spinning at a fantastic speed. Drag race cars are required to have a scatter shield to contain pieces of the flywheel and clutch when they come apart – usually when a speed shift is missed.

Unless the forensics of the failure point toward a component, the failure rests on the operation.