2023 Ford Expedition - How far after tank shows empty?

how far can you drive when tank sows empty

As far as it takes to completely run out of gas but your question can’t be answered as every car will be different.

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It all depends on what your current fuel usage is at the time that you failed to replenish the fuel before it got that low . I doubt that you have a 2023 Ford but if you have the dash read out it might show xx miles to empty and if it shows 50 miles to empty then find a station as soon as you can. I never let my gauge get below 1/4 mark.

Reset the trip odometer to zero, drive the car until it quits running, read the number of miles on your trip odometer. That is your answer. Please post back with the results.


I think the person needs to do test ( seeing how far they go until out of fuel ) 4 times .

  1. Uphill 2. Downhill 3. At 80 miles an hour 4. At 45 miles an hour – then average all 4 .

IS this a trick question? when the tank is totally empty you are out of gas. if you mean when the gas reserve warning light comes on, well, that is a different story. you usually will have a couple of Gallons left depending on manufacture.

When needle points directly to E, on my Ford truck I still have about 5 miles; on my Corolla , about 20 miles. On both vehicles, don’t actually run out of gas to the point the engine stops running until needle points below the E.

The far more interesting question is…

How long will the fuel pump last on your 2023 Expedition if you keep running the tank to near empty?

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Until the engine quits.

I’d say it’s gotta be close to the F-150.


If the OP really does have a 2023 Expedition (or even an Expedition that is a few years older than that), it has a dashboard display indicating “X miles till empty”. While I wouldn’t trust it to have laboratory-grade accuracy, it will give a pretty good indication of how many more miles he can drive before the tank is empty. Once it reads something along the lines of 50 miles or less, I would advise him to start looking for a gas station.