2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Coolant quandry

Check oil,noticed pink coolant level low.topped off with less than 8to10 oz Prestone 50/50. (Neon yellow) drove 30 miles in 89° weather.No immediate prob.ac cooling well.Should I have system flushed in morning?? Will turn to jello?Meineke usually services 4 oil change+top offs.did I mess up?

If you are relying on Meineke, or Midas, or Monro, or Pep Boys, or Sears, or Firestone, or any other chain-run organization, then you are making a major mistake.

Take your vehicle to a well-reputed independent mechanic’s shop if you want a decent level of mechanical expertise.


Good that you are checking your oil. Your post is unclear, I assume you mean you noticed the coolant was low when checking the oil. Keep an eye on the coolant if it continues to drop get it to the dealer, if it is a 2022 is is under warranty. But if you have had a shop change the oil 4 times already I assume that it is not a 2022. As @VDCdriver says, get an independent mechanic to work on it vs a chain shop.

Agree 100% the chain stores might save a few $$ but in the long run will end up costing many more $$$$.


Are you asking if combining the old standard, Prestone yellow coolant, with the pink coolant that came w/the truck, will that cause a problem? There are indeed different types of coolant. What type does the owner’s manual spec for your 2022 Silverado ?

Note that it is normal for the coolant in the plastic coolant bottle to be lower in the morning before you start the engine.

Don’t panic. Did the bottle of Prestone say “all makes, all colors” or something like that and “5 years/150,000 miles”? If so, you are fine but for future top offs, use dexcol compatable or genuine dexcol. Prestone sells a dexcol coolant in a 50/50 premix.

If the bottle was an OLD bottle and did not say these things, then it might be a good idea to have it drained and filled at your dealers in order to maintain the warranty.

One more thing, make sure you are not overfilling the reservoir. The full line, which is the parting line of the tank, is for coolant at operating temperature. When cold it may be about an inch below the parting line.

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I do not believe this to be true. I am fairly certain that the “full” line, which is the parting line of the plastic expansion tank, is for filling the system when cold. I have always added coolant to this line, when cold, and never had an issue in any vehicle with this type of system.

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I still think it is the hot line, BUT there is a lot of wiggle room there. As long as it isn’t filled all the way to the top.

your both kind of right. when the vehicle is warmed up it should be at the hot line.
when the vehicle is cold it should be at the cold line.
most vehicles have both lines on the tank. at least the ones I have seen.