2021 Toyota Corolla - bad mpg

Car started getting bad gas mileage, when first purchased it got up to 360 miles to a tank , now only 269. can you tell me the problem.

Sure, if you can provide one or more answers to these questions.Is CEL on? If so, what are the code number?
Is all maintenance up to date?
Are tires inflated to correct pressure?
Are these the OEM tires or have they been replaced with different tires?
Has your driving pattern changed?
A 2021 should still be under the bumper to bumper or the power train warranty, have you discussed this with your dealership.

Gas mileage is determined by dividing the number of miles traveled by the number of gallons of gas your vehicle took to refill the tank, not by per tankful.

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Hot weather. Stop using the air conditioning or wait until fall, your fuel economy/fuel range will improve.

Okay thank you.

Laverne Washington

Also monitor the dashboard coolant temperature gauge. Is it reading lower or higher than it used to ? Check this after the engine is fully warmed up. And does the engine seem to reach the fully warmed up state as quickly as it used to? Sometimes engine coolant thermostat will warp a little, it takes longer for the engine to fully warm up, and that problem can cause a slight reduction in mpg.

If mpg reduction is totally in sync with the hot weather however, my best guess is the same as the comment above. AC use puts a pretty big load on the engine power and reduces mpg.