2021 Subaru Legacy - Erratic behavior - stalling

Car was running fine yesterday. Today, I started car with no problem and within 1/4 mile from home, it suddenly had no fuel and I pulled over to curb. I shut everything down. I again restarted the car and within seconds of accelerating, same thing occurred. I had more than 3/4 of tank of gas in the car. Car only has 7,000 miles on it. I waited about 10 minutes, restarted the car and was able to drive it back home. Not sure if I should drive anywhere with it.

I suggest that you drive directly to the dealership tomorrow. You don’t need to know what is causing the problem. All you need to know is that the car is covered by multiple warranties, and it is the responsibility of the dealership to diagnose and to fix the problem.

Please report back to us regarding the outcome at the dealership.


A bad crank sensor will cause an engine to shut off, and then restart.

But it only does this so long before the engine doesn’t restart again.


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Do you mean the fuel gauge suddenly and for no reason read empty, when just before it read 3/4 tank? If so, that could also be a battery/charging system problem. The safest method to a fix is to have your Legacy towed to a dealership.

Another one for call the dealer, and if you say it keeps stalling out then the dealer might even tow it under warranty, if not your ins might…

A quarter mile at a time?

This could be an electronic throttle control problem disabling the throttle. Before calling the tow service, check for an obstruction on the accelerator pedal.