2020 Nissan Frontier - Which first?

My Pick up truck needs both new tire and wheel alignment. Which one to do first?

Both at the same time .


If you can’t afford to do both at once, then do the alignment first. If your alignment is way off and you install new tires, you might wear the tread unevenly by the time you get the alignment.

The OP’s 2020 truck already needs new tires?

In any event, ideally you would have the alignnment done by the tire shop on the same day that you buy the tires, but if you can’t afford to have both things done at the same time, then I guess that alignment first, tires second, would be the way to go. However, if you bought tires and had the alignment done within a few days/less than a couple of hundred miles later, there probably wouldn’t be a problem.

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With so many tire dealers offering buy 3 tires get 1 free plus 6 to 12 months no interest financing why would you not have both done at the same time.