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2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee restarts after using push button to shut off

My 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee will restart itself after I push the on/off push button to turn off the vehicle. It does this 1-2 times a week. I have not had issues with the remote start, it only does it while I’m the car and manually turn the vehicle off, restarts within a few seconds. I have tried to recreate it, thinking I was doing something wrong, nothing happens, it’s just random. Dealership has not found an issue yet.

See if there is a software upgrade available.

indeed some newer cars have “Boeing 737 max syndrome” :frowning:

tens and hundreds of lines of code written to give customers features they not necessarily asked for, yet competition is fierce and Quality Assurance is something in the back-burner…

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Yet another reason not to have a car with push button ignition, to my way of thinking.

We never had these issues with simple metal keys and turnkey ignition switches…

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Start keeping records in case you decide to report this to the carmaker. See how-to in the owners manual.


Find a Jeep forum and post this there. You’ll find a lot more owners that might know about your problem.

We have push button start and stop on our 2010 Volvo and it has never been a problem .

And, as the years pass, the possibility of being able to buy a vehicle that doesn’t have “push to start” is becoming less likely, on an ongoing basis. Some manufacturers are able to handle that technology with minimal problems, but apparently Chrysler isn’t one of them.

I’d get used to it if I owned a car with it, but it was a mystery to me when I rented a car with it. Also discovered I didn’t know how to put gas into that car! Rental agencies should provide a card with that basic info.

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