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2020 Ford Explorer - How to Negotiate Best Price

How to negotiate the price of a new car?

There are endless articles on the web that can teach you how to do this. Search for them, read up, do your research and apply the techniques. Or hire a buyers broker to do all that or you for a fee.

It mostly depends on how much you want to haggle, the local dealer is no-haggle and is competitive with the pricing of the bigger city dealers. gives you a target price to shoot for along with Truecar and others. Truecar and Costco’s program only work with certain dealers and your local dealer might be close in pricing without going out of your way for a deal.

Truecar would have only saved about $50 on my Forester compared to the price offered by the internet salesman at the local dealer.

I would be careful buying a 2020 . This is a totally brand new model and they have been having a lot of manufacturing issues on this new model . .

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