2020 Ford Escape - Engine issues

wrench light comes on, no limp mode
goes off when I open Driver side door.

You did not ask a question so I will leave you with this…

Ford Escape Throttle / Powertrain Warning Light70x48

Wrench Warning light name: Ford Escape throttle control / powertrain warning light.
Description: The Ford Escape wrench warning light is an indication of a faulty throttle control body that requires replacing or an issue with the powertrain. Due to there being numerous potential fault reasons, diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes. The engine may enter reduced power mode when the wrench light comes on. Occasionally, restarting the engine clears the fault, though this is usually temporary.

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It seems surprising the warning light goes off when you open the driver’s side door. I have no theory for why that would happen. I presume the engine remains idling at the time, right?