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2020 Acura CL - Tire Overinflation

Hello I pump my tire to 45 psi it take 50 max is this too much

For crying out loud , are you reading the maximum pressure number on the side of the tire ? That is not what you should use . On the drivers door post there is a plaque that says what the tire pressure should be . Probably around 32 to 36 PSI.


Yes way too much. As @VOLVO_V70 said look at the label on the door post for the recommended tire pressure. The information may also be in your owners manual.

Open the drivers door, and look along the door jamb for a sticker that reflects what the proper cold tire pressure should be.


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Have the 2020 models even been out long enough that people already need to add air to the tires?

It’s fall and in some areas already getting cold at night. Probably enough to trip some tpms alarms…

Welcome George59. There are at least 2 places on and in your car the tire pressure is listed. Finding both would have taken less time then signing up to this web site, typing your question and waiting for an answer. I’ll give you a hint, one place is that book in the glove box. Just more proof of the “more dollars than sense” theory.

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Almost certainly. The max pressure listed on the tire sidewall is the amount of pressure that the tire can handle without failing. It is NOT what the appropriate tire pressure for the specific vehicle is. The correct tire pressure for the car is determined by the engineers who designed the car, not the engineers that designed the tire. Typically, there will be a sticker on the door jamb that lists the recommended tire pressure (for most cars it’s usually around 30-35 psi). Sometimes this sticker is in the glove box or inside the fuel filler door. But yeah, there’s virtually no chance that a 2020 Acura CL calls for 45 PSI in the tires, partially because that’s an abnormally high pressure for a passenger car tire, but mostly because there is no such thing as a 2020 Acura CL, The CL went out of production about 17 years ago.

Pretty sure Acura sells no CL. It’s an older model. Probably meant 2002.

Which tire ? The spare?

Just curious, what do you pump the others to?

To equate this to human terms, if one’s doctor says I don’t want to see a systolic blood pressure above 140, that doesn’t mean that a blood pressure of 140 is desirable or healthy. In the case of the person, as well as the car, a lower pressure–as specified by a doctor or a car manufacturer–is what is desirable.

Getting new 2019 Honda Accord, it was NO book, it was a short-ish “quick-start guide” booklet and it had “you can order manual book separately” fineprint.

Printed manuals have mostly gone digital. I don’t blame the manufactures for saving quite a lot of money producing something that is unfortunately rarely used. Although I want a printed manual. Like my fellow “dinosaurs” I will not receive one. New technology is a cash cow. Forcing us to use it. My old cell phone’s technology was discontinued. It came with a printed manual 4 times larger than the phone! Forcing me to get a “smarter than me” phone with no printed manual. Now I am being forced to replace Internet Explorer 11 with another browser which I will have to learn how to use! Honda selling you the owner manual is total BS.

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I can’t promise but if you upgrade to Edge you might like it . I do.

I dunno, in my printing experience, prolly something like $24 to print a nice glossy full color manual in large quantities, compared to a $40,000 price tag for what the manual covers. But gotta save wherever they can I guess.

Yeah the Acura is something like 34# front and 32 back or something. 45# must give an incredible hard ride, like my lawn mower going over tree roots.

You can download a PDF of the owners manual for a 2019 Honda Accord directly from Honda, no cost. That’s true, in my experience, for almost every reasonably modern car. The link for the Honda manual is Accord 2019 Manual

In fairness, they offer “free copy of paper manual”, which is available to the original owner, in first 12 months of ownership.

Sure enough, I ordered one :slight_smile:

I registered to their owner’s site and I do have access to manuals, but thanks for pointing out.
I simply like to have that manual in the car, where I might not have internet when I want to look up something.
I’ve also spent a couple of hours to flip through it, cover to cover, and learned a few tricks I would not figure out just from playing with controls.