2019 Volkswagen Jetta compact spares: safe for the average driver?

Ray, The 2019 VW Jetta comes with at mobility set instead of a spare tire i.e.,a can of goop and a air compressor. The user complicated instructions and warnings in the Owners Manual, pages 353-356 seem to make the use of this device questionable and dangerous; i.e. vs. the compact spare tire. I seriously question whether the average driver, who has not read these instructions prior to have a flat tire out in the boonies, could safely use this device. What do you think? Steve

I think you should not put your personal info on a forum.

That said, the tiny minority of folks that get a flat on’t change it nor use the inflate-a-flat sold with the car, they will cell phone a flatbed to come pick it up and take it to a tire store.

Ray doesn’t post here, doesn’t stop the rest of us from responding, though! The main reason cars come with mobility sets as opposed to a compact spare is due to weight. Less weight=slightly higher mpg. Frankly, I prefer a real spare too. Fix-a-flat makes a mess, and it doesn’t work at all if there’s any sidewall damage. FYI I would remove your real name and location from an open forum too

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I too prefer a full size spare, but then I always change my own flats.


Compared to the hazards involved in using a jack on the side of the road, the time involved exposed to traffic, the number of things that can go wrong in removing and storing a heavy tire and reinstalling a lighter one… the goop and pump may embody less exposure to catastrophe.

The cell phone and car insurance policies have made call-a-wrecker the better way for most drivers in most situations. As an avid DIYer still physically able to do the job, I have put on a spare tire twice in the last decade, and a couple times years ago in Montana, but most drivers would not do it these days, and they are safer for it.


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A number of Hyundai models now come without spares. They offer a spare and jack for about $300 or so I believe.

I would never leave home without a spare of some sort; both our Mazda and Toyota have compact spares with decent jacks.

If I lived in a remote area, I would only settle for a full size spare. Many Alaska residents have 2 spares.

my recently purchased used ford car came with a gm jack which does not fit in my spare tire well. yes the manual says this and i confirm it does not fit. i got another gm car this week and dang if i found out the jack is missing. and the gm jack is the correct one. who knew the odds? yes i did find a ford jack. life is like that.