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2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid - Bad gas?

2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid.
rough idle for a month Car has been at dealer twice for problem.
dealer recommendation bad gas.
after Toyota engineering and mechanics can not determine issue.
car has 37.000 miles on it all freeway.

Are you using TopTier certified gas? Try adding Techron or SeaFoam next fill op.

Dealer simply didn’t want to take the time to actually diagnose the problem. Bad gas is rare.


What problem?

There are some vehicle owners that complain that their car is not quiet enough or smooth enough, doesn’t prove that there is a failure.

Bad gas is always a possibility but I consider it a bit of a rarity anymore. If contamination is suspected then a fuel sample should be taken to prove or disprove this scenario rather than make a blind assumption.

I might ask this question though. Does the tach needle waver any?


This problem. rough idle for a month

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