2019 Subaru machine gun noise when accelerating

When beginning to accelerate my 2019 Subaru Acent Tour between 5 & 8 mpr…a sound like a machine gun is heard coming from front passenger door

well first, is it a 2019 or 2022? Ascent tour or Outback? you have both listed. either way it should be under warranty. bring it back to the dealer.

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Just going to make some wild guesses. First, are you sure the sound is coming from the door? There could be a problem with the lock or window mechanism. Some vehicles used to lock the doors when you reached a certain speed and it might be locking that door over and over. This is way out there but is there a speaker in the door? It might be loose or there might be an electronic glitch. Agree that this is probably a warranty issue.

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Unless you have driven more than 36k miles, then essentially everything on the car is covered by the 3 yr/36k mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty. The only exceptions relate to collision damage and abuse/mis-use by the owner.


Machine gun noises during acceleration are often exhaust system problems. Look underneath the car, notice anything hanging loose, muffler fell off, etc. Sound sources are very hard to pinpoint just by listening to them as you drive, so don’t presume the door is involved unless there’s actual evidence for that.