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2019 Subaru Impreza - Lousy Cold Temp Mileage

My 2019 Imprezza, 4400 mi, has abysmal cold temp mileage, tire pressure dropped 35%, car mileage estimate from 29 to 19 mpg, so reset to 35 psi & added the recommended fuel antifreeze. Their manual also explains higher CVT shift points below 4X (?) degrees. Any suggestions?
No PC so am @ the library & hafta go home and get the VIN before I try again to send them an unpleasant missive.
tnx Rog

So, your car is acting the same as almost every other car on the road. Though I suspect you are only doing short drives with it.


Who recommends it?


That comment also made me think the OP is driving only short distances and not getting engine fully up to temperature.
Living in Minnesota and in Utah (over 5000 foot altitude) never added HEET or any other gasoline antifreeze.

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Pump the tires back up for goodness sake! Low tire pressure wastes a lot of fuel.