2019 Mazda CX-5 - will 4WD get lower mileage than 2WD turbos?

does the mileage decrease on 4wd vs 2wd mazda cx-5`s turbos?

If you are thinking of buying one of these all questions can be answered on the Mazda web site .

If you are asking why instead of what, 4Wd systems add weight, have more moving parts thus most resistance, thus requires more power from the engine regardless if it is or is not turbo charged.

Generally, a 4wd vehicle gets worse mileage than an identical 2 WD unit. Part of it is the additional drag the engine must over come.

If you don’t need 4WD, don’t buy it. It also is more expensive to maintain.

Just took a quick look at the build your own on the Mazda site. Can not see that they offer 4WD, just FWD or AWD.
I am not a big fan of AWD, I can see it has some value for on road use in snow country, but I was always fine with 2WD.

Of course the 4WD version gas mileage is 1mpg less. That’s not so much that I’d use it as a discriminator. The additional price of 4WD might talk me out of it, though. You can check the gas mileage yourself at


With modern AWD vehicles the mileage loss is typically 1 MPG occasionally 2-3 MPG loss. It is not a major consideration anymore.

The annual fuel cost difference between the 2WD and AWD 2019 CX-5 when equipped with the 2.5-liter turbocharged engine is $50. So, less than a dollar per week. The most important element with the CX-5 turbo’s fuel economy is that it is rated for REGULAR fuel. Unlike its peers the Lexus NX and Acura RDX (Premium). Here is a full review of that vehicle if interested from our partner site, BestRide. The CX-5 Signature model is best in class based on our testing.

Good to hear that about the CX-5 turbo. It’s high on my list of ‘next cars’.