2019 Jeep Cherokee - Transmission question

i have a 2019 jeep cherokee trail Hank. it has only 6000k. when i am on automatic and Driving a 120k/hr it stays on the 7 gears. so the engine running high . the only way to go to the 9th gear is to go manuel then it works. also sometimes it goes to neutral even though the gear is on drive.

Have you talked to the dealer as you do have a warranty . Even if they don’t have a solution right now at least it will be on record.


Yes I went three times and they have no idea what to do. They told me to talk to the ingenieurs

Try a different dealership and elevate your problem up the corporate chain. Instructions are in your owners manual.

The engine in your vehicle may not have enough power to operate at that speed in high gear so this may be normal.

Well, V6, 286hp, transmission made to pull up to 5000lbs. And I have no problem to take it to the 9th gears on Manuel drive.

Thank you for the information
Yes, I found out that on automatic even at 120km the transmission will stay at #8 gear and rpm at 2000. But on Manuel I can control the gears better and on a more or less flat surface I can go to the 9th gear with the rpm at 1600. Average on the highway is 9.5 ltr.