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2019 Infiniti QX50 - Gas odor

Has anyone had issues with gas odor inside the car cabin ? Also when having car parked in garage it makes the entire garage smell like gas. I have read complaints on a forum about this.

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Terri , if this really a 2019 then it does not matter if anyone else has this problem . You do and it needs to be corrected . That is why you have a warranty.
If this another year and out of warranty get it to shop before you have a fire in your garage. I might even have it towed to shop or dealer just to be safe.


I wouldn’t be driving this car,
I sure as heck wouldn’t be parking it in my garage, any spark from something as simple the light switch for your garage lights, or using your garage door opener could cause an explosion and a massive fire ball, burning down your house.

I would be having it towed to a shop, Dealer if under warranty,

I bought my car in Aug 2019. The smells were very strong in our garage. I had my car in 4 times for this. They replaced a variety of parts and still the same smell. Someone flew in from Infinity and said they acknowledged the smell, but said it wasn’t a safety issue! I couldn’t believe it. I sent a letter to Consumer Affairs. I’ve just gotten a run around about they had to be sure it couldn’t be fixed. I closed the claim. I traded up to a 2020. It cost me $8,000. I owned my 2019 for 4 months! We were leaving for a month trip and were afraid to leave the car in our garage because of the strong smell. We felt the piece of mind was worth getting rid of it. This was my 6th Infinity, and it will be my last.