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2019 Honda HR-V - Tire sizes

Tire rack recommends 215/60R16 snow tire/wheel combo, I have 205/65R16 snow tires. Will they work on Honda HR-V AWD LX

Tough question, using a size not specified by Honda MIGHT void your warranty.


It appears that 17 inch wheels are standard on your HR-V AWD LX . Makes me wonder why Tire Rack says 16 inch .
Of course I always wonder if spending extra money for Winter tires and wheels is really necessary when you have AWD
It is possible that the 16 inch wheels might not clear the brake rotors so contacting the dealer sounds like a good thing to do.

If Tire Rack says 16s will fit, they will fit.

As a practical point the tires should work OK. The 10mm width difference should have little effect and the narrower tire will actually work a little better. This assumes you have wheels that have the proper bolt pattern and offset to fit your 2019 HR-V.

But @Purebred has a very good point. Not sure how Honda views this with respect to the warranty.

Tire Rack does show a 16 inch tire and wheel package for 1000.00 but it also appears that this vehicle came with 17 inch wheels so why not buy new 17 winter tires from a local tire store and just sell the 16 inch winter tires on Craigslist.