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2019 Honda Civic Cpe -TPMS issue

My low tire pressure warning comes on 2-3 weeks of pumping the correct amount in. Most times it will only take 0-1 lbs

It’s remotely possible one of the tire pressure sensors is bad. If you bought the car new your warranty might cover it.

Sounds like your tire pressure gauge is off by 5 PSI or you are checking the tires when they are hot, you should check the tire pressure when the tires are cold. The dealer will inflate your tires as a courtesy, warranty doesn’t cover tire pressure.

If something in the pressure monitoring system is faulty the warranty should cover it.
But, I do agree with the idea that the OPs own gauge is wrong. I have an old tire chuck with a dial gauge that is about 30 PSI off.

Are you checking all four tires to make sure the pressure is the same all around?


Chris Higgins

Okay, borrow a different gauge–or buy one in another brand, they’re cheap–and see if you get a different result. If not, the trouble is probably the pressure sensors. Then go to a dealer to see if it’s covered under warranty.

What pressure are you filling the tires to?

32r 33f

Chris Higgins

Does it tell you which tire? if not and you have a full size spare you may wish to check it.

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If you are using the pressure reading on the air pump, it may not be accurate. Check the pressure after you put air in to make sure the pressure accurately rose to 32 or 33. You might also consider getting another pressure gauge. I use the Accu-gage, a dial pressure gauge, and I find it accurate. It’s less than 10 bucks, and should be available at auto parts stores and Walmart, if any of them are open in your neighborhood.

I always overfill by about 2 psi. It won’t hurt anything, and you get twice as long to reach the pressure warning.

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Another poster had a similar issue a while back on a Civic. Not sure if your issue is related, but the other post referenced that Honda is using speed readings from each wheel versus a pressure sensor in each wheel.

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Chris Higgins