2019 Ford Ranger - Rustproofing?

Hello I have been trying to find out if i need to get my truck rustproofed. My dealer did not offer it and it surprised me a bit. So my question is: Do I need to get the undercoating for my new truck?



No the rustproofing done at the factory is sufficient

Ok thats good to know I asked 2 different dealers about getting the truck rust proofed and had one tell me to get it and another saying it wasn’t neccesary.

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The one who told you to get it is trying to make a nice chunk of change. Another problem with aftermarket rust proofing is that it can actually cause more problems than it solves if they spray the stuff over drain holes that are designed to let water drain out…

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Depends on where you live. 99% of the population the answer is no. But areas around the Great Lakes that see ungodly amounts of snow - I would. I’m in Central NY at least a couple times a year visiting family. I still see cars/trucks that are only 4-5 years old with way more rust then vehicles in other parts of the country.

Yeah the second dealer I asked said they do a lot of rust proofing before they get the new trucks. He told me to look under my truck and on the rocker panels and rear/front bumper there is already some undercoating it looks kinda
like insulation. Then he went on to explain the galvanization baths pretty happy at least one dealer near me was honest

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