2019 Fiesta titanium EB turbo

This may seem like a daft question but i recently bought a 2019 fiesta ecoboost titanium turbo model and when im accelerating im getting quite a growl from it, kinda like its a more powerful engine, theres a part of me thats worried theres something wrong with the engine or is it just the turbo and its completely normal?

the car is super quiet when going at a steady speed on motorways and such, just the initial acceleration is louder than i expected

It is likely not the turbo but the choice of muffler and resonater on the car. The growl is the sound of performance. The turbo itself quiets the exhaust noise somewhat.

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Did you test drive only one of these cars?

I expect that sound during acceleration is normal for your car. I can usually tell which cars have turbo engines by that sound when they pass me while I’m riding my bicycle.

Does sound make you consider replacing car? Or will you just drive on?